My story

My name is Miriam Yisrael, I came from Portugal to Israel for the first time in May 1992 and had a special experience with God in Jerusalem.

I felt that God was calling me to live in Jerusalem, to come to the city I belong, to come to my routs.

This experience was so strong that I felt as if I was born here and coming home. After this strong calling of God in 92' I started to feel very uncomfortable in Portugal, the country when I was born and lived all my life.

After 92' my heart was only in Jerusalem and I started to paint in Portugal the beautiful city where God touched me, which was Jerusalem. In three years I come again another six times to Jerusalem and the call of God was very strong in my life. In 1995 I left Portugal at last to live in Jerusalem. I come alone, living behind my family, job of being an art teacher, beautiful house and I come to start a new life trusting in God by faith, not seeing the future, but only believing on the spiritual purposes that God had for my life in Jerusalem.

I did "aliah" and I become a citizen of Israel. In the first two years I study Tora with Rabbis and at the some time I went every day outside near the Western Wall painting by inspiration of God - all the spiritual pictures I paint until now.

From 1995 I am still near the Western Wall praying and painting the Holy books of God in the place when in 92' I had the call from God to come here.

Today from that place God blesses's the world with my paintings and I am very gratefull to God for my spiritual job in Jerusalem painting for Him and giving back to God the talent he gives to me for the reason to bless His name and to bless the world with my paintings.

I understand now after this five years the purposes and the reason of the call of God in 92' to come to Jerusalem and being at home, for the first time in my life, and for this I am thankful to God.

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